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Cong NS and Dúchas + History Video

Dúchas is the name given to the collection of work presented by schools of fairy stories, history, legends, béal oideas and much more to the Folklore Commission in 1938-1939. It is an amazing website, especially as the work is presented in the pupils' own handwriting. Cong NS itself is not to be found on the Dúchas website, not every school took part in the compilation of stories. However, we have here a sample of the stories and references to Cong as recorded by other schools around the counties of Mayo and Galway. We hope you find them useful and informative. 


Also, check out our amazing video on the History of Cong by 5th/6th Class 2017. Super job, very informative and over 2,000 hits on YouTube!!!!

cong 2.jpg

Culture of Cong by Inishmacatreer NS

cong 4.jpg

Cong mentioned by Balla NS, Co. Mayo.

cong 5.jpg

Faction Fights at Cong Fair
by The Neale NS.

cong 1.jpg

Cong by Cloonlyon NS, Co. Mayo.

cong 3.jpg

Cong mentioned by The Neale NS.


Field of the Hurlers, Cong in Duchas

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