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Active School

We at Cong N.S., have thoroughly loved flying our Active School Flag and taking part ìn all of the activities over the past number of years. It was the best thing ever for our school to take up the mantle of getting ourselves more active and looking after our health and wellbeing. The leadership opportunities that we have been given as part of the Active School Committee, Playground Leaders, Equipment monitors, Active Break monitors, Run around Ireland Monitors etc have been amazing. Due to Covid-19 some of our plans were put on hold but not for long. We will be getting them up and running, when the time is right and safe again to do so. We still have a lot to learn and we will embrace all the new ideas that came from our pupil and parent surveys . They are in our Long Term Plan for Active School and SSE plan for P.E. We hope you enjoy our website presentation. It shows a snapshot of what we have being doing over the past few years and our aspirations for the future years to come. Thank you. Active School Committee, Cong N.S.

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