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Meeting Sample

Active School Agenda – 28th of January, 2020


Gaa Five Star Fun and Run Activities  will start on Wednesday 5th of February with Infants to Second Class. Newly trained Playground Leaders will guide the groups at break-time.



Playground leaders  rota was put together by 6th class girls.  Please check Active School Noticeboard to see further information.


Thank you to the playground leaders for organising some Dance activities on the yard with the support of Maureen’s wonderful musical accompaniment.




All classes are asked to take a look at the fundamental movement skills on the Active School Noticeboard and work on  them at PE class each week.



 PE Homework to be given to all classes on the days that PE take place.  A sample grid will be given to all class teachers.  All pupils to keep this sheet in their homework diary.





Active Flag NoticeBoard


•Our Active School notice board is located inside the front door of the school for all to see.

•The noticeboard is updated regularly

•We love to acknowledge our class mates achievements

•We love to share information with our classmates


Our Committee

is made up of:

-Class reps



-Members of the BOM



“Active school has benefited the school & pupils by making us much fitter.  We get to do lots of different skills.  I love doing all the sports and keeping fit.  I especially loved doing playground leaders.”

                                                     Laura 6th class

Our Commitment to Active School Renewal began in 2019

Picture a.jpg

“It has inspired me to be more fit, get out of the house and try new things.”

                                Jonathan, 5th class

“Active school got everyone to be fitter and healthier.  Even during Covid when everything was closed, Active School kept us busy”.                                  

                                               Anya, 6th Class


Our Parent and Pupil Surveys

Parent Survey

survey 1.jpg
survey 3.jpg
survey 2.jpg

A sample of parents across the school were asked to take part in a survey. We wanted to find out about what our parents thoughts were on the Active School Programme and P.E. in our school.

20 out of 30 families replied to our questionnaire.  66% response rate.


Above are some of the findings and how we addressed/plan to address them going forward:


Parents offered some excellent suggestions for making the P.E. programme better in school:

•more P.E. lessons over the week in school

 (shorter but more often)

•continue to offer taster sessions like gymnastics, athletics, basketball in school or on site with coaches

•More communication from school on P.E. activities

•Work towards a sports day at the end of the year

•More Peer Tutoring – Playground leaders is great but look at other areas too for their training

•More sports equipment for on the yard at break-time and introduce more games to the younger children

Pupil Survey

survey 4.JPG

•A sample of  pupils from our school were asked to complete a survey.  They  answered questions about their thoughts and views on P.E. in school, P.E. homework, how we could make P.E. better in school, how they felt about the Active Break Every Day challenge, playground activities,  Active School Week and their thoughts about the Active School Flag Process.

•We used the responses from the survey to plan for our Active School Programme in the school.  ( this is ongoing and in our long term plan for PE)

•We were very pleased to see some of the following comments about Active School:


“ It’s Brilliant”  “We have done great”


 “Fantastic”  “ Just Love IT”  “ Love it All”


“Best Thing Ever”  “Amazing”  “We could do more”


 Of course we will be doing lots more………..lots more.

Response to Surveys

survey 6.jpg

How we planned to respond to these findings:

•School to purchase more equipment for playground breaks

•New playground leaders to be trained up

•New games to be introduced to the yard for younger children

•Whole school Sports Day (Covid restrictions has meant we have to review this and it might just be bubbles instead of whole school)

•A Newsletter from the school about the Active School activities etc.  (This is in the pipeline)

survey 7.jpg
survey 5.jpg

Our Partners


•Through our contact with Mayo Sports Partnership/Disability Inclusion Officer – 2 SNAs attended Cara Training

•Links with local GAA club – footballs donated, trainers from the club visited school for skills & drills etc

•Health Promotion Officer Thelma links established and PR material sourced etc

•HSE OT’s and Dave from Physio all give guidance for inclusion of children with disabilities in sporting activities

•Local Trainers

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