P.E. Timetable for Classes

P.E. is a very important part of our curriculum at Cong N.S. as you can see by our timetable below:


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Yearly Audit of PE Equipment

•We carry out an audit of our P.E equipment every year and replace any broken equipment.                   

•Two committee member work with the senior classes to draw up a P.E.store room monitors list.

•Two boys from 6th class look after the pumping of the balls.

•This year our Local GAA club donated some crested Footballs to our school.

Thank you to the Neale GAA club.


Aquatics Strand: In the third term we go swimming to Claremorris swimming pool.


Fundamental Movement Skills
4 Key Skills Prioritised 20/21


Staff have attended all sessions for Fundamental Movement Skills training and additional kits were purchased and distributed to classes

•Each year our staff have prioritised a different strand of the P.E. curriculum for delivery. 

•After consultation as a staff Games was decided upon for our School Improvement Plan for P.E.

•The Gaa Five Star Flag Initiative was fully supported by all staff and pupils

•Non contact games were used when school returned after lockdown

Upon return to school after Lockdown our school followed the Guidelines as set out by the Dept of Education.


All safety aspects of P.E. were reviewed by the Covid Lead Officer for the School and Initially Classes used this resource to support P.E. and Wellbeing.

GAA Five Star Flag

For 2019/2020 the P.E. priority area for development  was games. 


The GAA Five Star Programme was one of the new initiatives that the committee decided to take on.


Mr O’Reilly attended the information night and returned to the school full of enthusiasm.


All staff signed up to take part in the training, which was held in Cong Community Centre on the 5th of November and was facilitated by

Billy Mc Nicholas and Kieran Kilkenny, Mayo GAA.


Due to Covid-19 Restrictions element of this programme will be continued in the school once safe to do so.


“Active School has led me to a County Medal with Mini 7s.  It has given us an opportunity to play football and practice running so we can get faster and stronger. We also get to socialise with our friends while we are exercising.”

Kayla 6th class

“Active School has made us feel refreshed and sometimes a little bit tired but worth it all”       Katie, 6th Class

Commitment to Active School Brings much joy to the Girls Football Team

We know that Active School is not about being competitive but we want to share our story about Football For Girls with you. 
This all came about because of our involvement in the ACTIVE SCHOOL PROGRAMME from the BEGINNING. 


Written by Kate & Ali ( 6th Class 2020.)

After one month of training we were ready to step foot on the Neale GAA pitch for the South Mayo Mini Sevens. We played many matches but for our semi final match we found out we would be playing some of our teammates from the Neale National School. After two quick halves we came out on top and were getting ready to face Kilmaine in the South Mayo Final. They were the strongest team we played so far that day, but after two intense halves it went our way and now, we were heading for a County Quarter Final against Aghamore. 

On the 11th of October we drove by car to the Centre of Excellence in Bekan, the nerves were really kicking in now!  Aghamore were by far, way more physical than any other team we played in the competition. After a tiring game of football ending in a tight margin, we had made it through to a County Semi Final against Snugboro. 

As the 10th of December approached, we trained hard in rain, hail or shine with Mr.O’Reilly. On the 10th of December a big bus picked us up at the school gates. All of 5th and 6th class came to support us along with Miss Hughes and Mr O’Reilly.

After some warm up shots, we set to the field with our classmates and teachers cheering us on. To our luck we won the throw in and got a score out of it. We continued our good streak throughout the match and when the final whistle blew, we had made it through to a County Final.  At one o’clock both  Ardagh and Us  lined out on the pitch. On the field you could see how much we improved from last year. We got some brilliant scores and turn overs and all of our hard work paid off. 

•We had just WON A COUNTY FINAL. Our captain Sophia McHale went up to collect our plaque and gave a lovely speech. After receiving our medals, we hopped on the bus and headed back to the school.  Everyone was there to greet us.  We are so proud now to be the ones that hopefully inspire more girls and boys to take up sport and stay active.