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Active School Week

Active School Week 2019

•A hugely successful week of events. Everyone enjoyed them tremendously.

•Committee planned a  wide range of Activities for the week including yoga, athletics, games, strength and conditioning training, walking bus, trails etc

•Penalty shoot out against the teachers

•County Footballers trained pupils

•P.E.  Homework



Active School 2019 - Penalty Shoot Out/Yoga/Strength and Conditioning

Active Home Week 2020 (due to Covid)

home week
home 2.jpg
home 3.jpg
home 4.jpg
home 6.jpg
home 7.jpg

By Sarah 5th Class

•On the 12th of March 2020 schools closed right across the country due to Covid-19. In our school we were only a few weeks away from Active School Week and we didn’t know what we were going to do. This year we were meant to renew our Active School Flag because it had been three years since we were awarded our first flag.

•As we approached the end of April teachers sent our parents an email explaining how ‘Active School Week’ would work this year…we were going to do it at home! They sent us an ‘Active Home Week’ chart for us to keep track of our daily activities between April 27th and the 3rd of May. The aim was to get 60 minutes of physical activity in everyday and the challenge was to try to do four different activities. At this time there was a 5km limit, so we got lucky because in and around Cong you could get in really nice runs, walks and cycles. We had a huge variety of activities throughout the week from badminton to hurdling, walking to orienteering and of course a lot of ball games.

•We also had a mini-sports day with our neighbours in the two gardens. After we helped set up all the activities, we were ready to go! To begin with we did an orienteering activity, followed by an obstacle course and then some co-operative challenges. The best one of these was the water-activity, we all got soaked!  We did the egg and spoon race, sack race, wheel-barrow race, micro hurdles and of course some sprints.  We did a team relay race to finish. It was so much fun. We were delighted when we got special certificates at the end of the day.

•Even though we had a great time doing ‘Active School Week’ at Home we hope we’ll never have to do it again!

Active School 2021


Infants & An Nead staying active during Active School Week.

We may not have a GP Hall now but the Shelter is used for P.E.

shed 1.jpg
shed 2.jpg

Walk on Wednesday (WOW) 


Outdoor and Adventure 2019

2019 Active School Week Local History Trail

Outdoor and Adventure

In 2018 after Staff Training with Ita Seoighe we set up an outdoor orienteering course around our school for pupils.


During Easter 2019 we turned it into an Easter Hunt with clues to solve.


Lots of fun was had by all.

Curriculum links – SESE

History Trail around Cong Abbey is used by lots of our classes.  This year 5th & 6th class will be going on this trail instead of a school tour!!


Meeting Our Heroes - Tommy Conroy


Athletics Workshop in Claremorris 2018-2019


Our Active School Song

school song

1.We’ve been an Active School for more than a year.

And we’ve spent all our money on fitness and gear.

And now we’ll continue with health in great store.

And we never will play on our smart phones no more.

And it’s no nay never (we’re healthy and fit). No nay never no more. 

Be glued to our smart phones, no never no more.


2. We love playing rounders and batting the ball.

Trying to get to the bases before it can fall.

We practise our throwing and catching because

If we’re skilled and we do well, we’ll get some applause.

And it’s no nay never (we love to get a home run), no nay

never no more. Forget to tag bases, no never no more.


3.  Last year, we learned dances and performed in the hall.

Everybody enjoyed it and we all had a ball.

There were steps to be practiced and moves to be grasped.

We’ll be ready for ‘Strictly’ as soon as we’re asked.

And it’s no nay never (put on your dancing shoes). No nay

never no more.  

Complain about dancing, no never no more.

5.Helmets and hurleys are the equipment you need.

To improve at your hurling, we’re planting the seed.

To win Liam McCarthy, takes a lot of great skill.

So we’re out and we’re training, no time to stand still.

And it’s no nay never (pick up your hurley stick), no nay never no more.

Watch telly all evening, no never no more.


6. When  playing Gaelic and soccer, we try to be fair.

Passing and giving chances, to whoever is there.

We won’t always be winning and sometimes we’ll lose.

Participation and teamwork is the only attitude

And it’s no nay never (there’s no ‘I’ in team), no nay never no more.

Leave out a team-mate, no never no more.


7  We love helping each other to be healthy and fit.

Everybody’s involved and we all do our bit.

We love being active, it’s never a bore.

And we never will be couch potatoes no more.

And it’s no nay never (get out and get active). No nay never no more.

Be couch potatoes, no never no more.

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