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Physical Activity


Playground Leaders

Our playground leaders were very busy again this year facilitating some lovely games and dance on the yard.  It was lovely to see the junior classes doing the “Damhsa Mór  and Cur Crub ar an Asal” with the support of Maureen’s band and our brilliant playground leaders from the senior classes.

Playground Leaders

In December our senior classes took part in Playground Leader Training using the Fun and Run Inclusive Games Kit at The Crossroads Community Centre.


leaders 2.jpg
leaders 1.jpg

GAA Fun and Run on the Yard


Playground Leaders

5th and 6th class have set up stations with a variety of activities and carried them out with all classes.

These activities included football skills, throwing, passing, catching, target practice, skipping, penalty shoot outs, dribbling, shooting, hurling skills, soloing, kicking and many more.


Seachtain na Gaeilge & Our Walk Way Trail

1st & 2nd Class             

get walking.jpg

1 km per day

Do your Talking while you are Walking
Walk Way Trails for Seachtain na Gaeilge

“The Active School Walkway helped me walk further than I could ever before.  I liked talking and walking with my friends.  Being active makes the day better even if you feel down”

Sophie, 6th Class

Proposed New Trails for Maths & Literacy 


Cong National School
Will be launching their
“Active School Walkway “
On Monday 23rd of April ‘18 as part of

Our Walkway

Our Walkway is Accessible for all of our Pupils - one km for all. 

one km 1.jpg
one km 2.jpg

Our walk way was also used for the Run Around Ireland Challenge.  Our classes ran to Benbulben in Sligo.  We had lots of fun.


Movement Breaks

•Bizzy Breaks, Go noodle, Cosmic Kids Yoga, Dance, Co operative games etc are all used on wet days in the classroom

•Regulation Stations are used by some classes

•Irish games such as Deir O Gradaigh to engage in movement breaks

•Ikm a day around the walkway for pm break

Super Troopers

•The school signed up to the Super Troopers Programme two years in a row.  We took a break from it from Sept 2019, instead we decided to  focus more on

“Active School Homework.”

“Three different aspects of a healthy lifestyle are covered in Super Troopers: physical activity, wellbeing and nutrition”

(Super Troopers Booklet).

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super trouper.jpg
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