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Brilliant Letter from Two Sixth Class Pupils

Dear Mrs Flannery & The Board of Management,

As you know Cong N.S has an Active School Flag for the last three years. We have worked very hard at keeping active in our school and we are very proud of our flag.

This year we must renew our flag. To do this we have a huge range of ideas to implement. We are very grateful for the funding that was allocated to the purchase of equipment for P.E. 3 years ago. We now need to invest in playground equipment.

We would also like to invest in a Boom box (speaker system) for outdoor dance activities at break-time etc. (Sadly a lot of our balls have popped and they need to be replaced too.)

In January we will be starting the GAA Five Star, Fun and Run Programme. This programme is an inclusive programme for all of our friends. We are excited about this and all the equipment will help us get our Second Active School Flag.

Thank you for taking the time to consider our requests.


Ali Hughes & Kate Brennan

Sixth Class Pupils, Cong N.S.


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